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September Bullet Journal Spread Release

Happy Monday, and Happy Labor Day!

Here are my bullet journal pages for the month of September!

September's monthly calendar and sleep log look different than my journal's previous monthly spreads. I decided to try out a new design for the calendar in hopes that the horizontal orientation would give me a little more room to schedule without taking up a whole two pages of my journal. The sleep log usually has a chart filled with numbers to track how much I am sleeping but when I was putting this page together I had seen that a different journaler had decided to use a highlighter or colored brush-tip pen to highlight the time they slept rather than boxing numbers as I had been previously. I took this photo before September had started but I will gladly add a picture of what the log looks like at the end of the month, so keep an eye out for that in the 2020 bullet journal photo gallery. On these pages I used two different colored brush-tipped markers, one blue and one grey, as well as a ball point pen and some colorful washi tape to accent the left side of the calendar page.

The September weekly spread is all about adding pops of color. I used a grey fine-tipped Sharpie Marker to outline the boxes for each day and for the notes section and then used the brush tip of grey, purple and blue markers to add color to the day titles, the days of the week and the bottom of the page. I added an extra strip of washi tape that complemented the colors I had chosen for a little extra pop on the page.

Like I did with September, I will be releasing 2020 monthly design spreads on the first Monday of every month from now on. You can view previous month's spreads in the perspective blog posts or in the 2020 Bullet Journal photo gallery on my website under the Bullet Journal tab.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!



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