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November Bullet Journal

Happy November to you all! Without any further ado, here are my bullet journal pages for the month of November!

First up we have the welcome page and November overview. I had some fun experimenting with design for this month. I don't totally love how the pages below turned out but they were certainly entertaining to create! I decided to use some late fall colors: three different oranges, a yellow, a red and a brown to create the color pallet for this month. I used my typical Shuttle Art dual tipped markers for the pops of color as well as the black outlines of the trees and the "November" title on the left side of the page. For the calendar and events on the right page, I just used a black pilot G-2 05 pen.

Next we have the sleep log and mood tracker pages. I wanted to keep the sleep log simple and in black and white since the concept for the mood board ended up being particularly loud in color. I used the same previously mentioned markers for the sleep log title, the mood board title and the outline of the coffee cup. For the fine detail, the numbers in the sleep log and in the mood board, I used the black Pilot pen again.

Finally, we have the weekly planning pages. I liked the 9 rectangle format from the October pages, so I used that layout again for November, simply adding a November calendar and three drawings in the extra rectangles for each double page spread. I used those same marker colors for the designs in the extra rectangles. For the outline of reach rectangle I used the same black marker I mentioned at the start of this post. For each day and date, I used a Gelly Roll Metallic gel pen. In the second picture, I really liked how the first design rectangle came out. All I did was draw each leaf or pumpkin shape and then, after the pen ink dried, I went back over in a small circle over each shape.

There you have it! Another month done and only one more to go in 2021! Oh, how the time flies. Thank you for following along with my bullet journal journey. As always, for mote content, check out my previous blog posts or my gallery of journals past in the "Bullet Journal" section of my site.

Until next time...



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Nov 02, 2021

This month is exceptionally well done! Warm wishes for a cozy November.

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