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September Bullet Journal Pages

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Happy Labor Day! I hope that this first Monday of September finds you in a good headspace. I know this time of year always feels like a reset button for me. New school years are beginning and we are getting ready to head into fall.

If you are like me, and you are ready to get yourself organized, here are some bullet journal pages that will help you do just that.

First up we have the welcome page and monthly calendar.

I must have been in a purple mood when I went to make these pages a few months ago. Purple mushrooms are fun, right? Why not? So on the welcome I just layered black Pilot G-2 pen circles to create the basic outline of my mushroom ring. Then added the various size and styled mushrooms around the ring. The choice I made to have brown stems I immediately regretted, so you won't see the brown stems anywhere else in these pages. Instead on the second page I just left them in black pen outline and I liked how that turned out a whole lot better so I stuck with it moving forward. I liked the sketch-like feeling of the sloppy circle on the welcome page and so I incorporated that idea moving forward as well, adding a black pen sloppy-sih outline to all of my mushroom shapes. I used a thicker market for the calendar outline and my usual Shutter Art dual tipped brush markers for the purple mushroom tops.

Next up, the mood board and sleep log!

I love how these pages tuned out. My choice to keep the rest of these pages limited to black ink with just a little bit of purple accent was definitely the way to go. I kept up the sketch-like feel of the previous page here in my mood board by making these mushroom rows all single-line drawings. I didn't pick up my pen from the time I started the line to the time I finished and it have me this cool result. Then I used the purples I had already picked out to represent the 6 moods down below: Wonderful, Good, Productive, Meh, Stressful and Crap. I also found that as I went along with these pages, I slowly figured out how I liked to draw the mushrooms so they get better as we go along here.

Finally, we have the weekly pages.

I realized that I forgot to take pictures of these pages before I went and started writing in them, so I apologize for the white out lines. I continued that single line idea with the weekly pages by creating a single line box with mushroom accents for each day of the week. I started out with spacing out my mushrooms across the line and again, immediately regretted that decision. I didn't like how that looked so I tried the cluster on one side of the box or the other and liked that look a lot more. So the rest of the pictures have mushroom clumps instead of spread out as you see in the Monday Aug 30 box. Beyond that there is not much more to talk about with these pages. I used that same pilot G-2 black pen with purple dual tipped Shuttle Art marker combination as on the previous pages to keep the design consistent and simple.

So there you have it: My September mushroom-themed bullet Journal pages! I hope you like what you see and as always if you have questions or comments, please feel free to use the contact section on the home page of my site. If you like what you see and want to see more, go ahead and browse the bullet journal page on my site which has photo galleries of my previous journals.

Until next month!



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