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October Bullet Journal Pages

It's officially fall which means...PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! And it means that it's time for another bullet journal monthly pages reveal! Here are my October Bullet Journal Pages.


First up we have my Welcome and Overview pages. I decided to keep it relatively simple this month with a primarily black and white layout with pops of color from my orange pumpkins. So for the welcome I used a Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel 0.7 black pen for the lettering and multiple orange and brown colors of the Shuttle Art dual tipped markers for the pumpkin. By layering the colors on the pumpkin you get the streaky result that makes it look like you've got a shiny pumpkin with some textured ridges. I used the same combination of utensils for the calendar but then also used a Gelly Roll Metallic gel pen for "calendar" and a black dual tipped brush marker for the events box.


Next up is the Sleep Log and Mood Board pages. Again we have simple black and white with a few pops of color from the oranges that will fill in my pumpkin patch mood board. I used the black dual tipped brush marker for the pumpkin outline and the "October" letting title in the sleep log and then that same Gelly Roll Metallic gel pen from before for the "Sleep Log" lettering. The numbers in the sleep log were created with a Pilot G2 .05 mm black pen. I used the same for the pumpkins in the mood board. For the Mood title I used a Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel 0.7 black pen again. The same oranges and yellows used in the overview page pumpkin make up the different mood representations below.

Finally we have a Weekly Spread gallery. I found that last month's spread was too spread out for me. I definitely didn't need so much space so I decided to go with a more condensed layout for October. An entire week lives on each page and then I still had room to add accents into the extra rectangles. Here is where I decided to have some fun with some spooky designs and accents. Again I used the same combination of oranges and yellows in the Shuttle Art dual tipped markers, the Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel 0.7 black pen, the Pilot G2 .05 mm black pen, and the Gelly Roll Metallic gel pen. There is a little bit more bleed through of the markers on these pages than I usually get which I was a little disappointed about. But I decided not to use the same kind of notebook again for next years 2022 Bullet Journal so hopefully I wont have to deal with bleed through in the next journal.

Thats all for now! Thank you as always for checking out my journal pages. For more inspiration, check out my previous blog posts as well as the photo galleries on my website under bullet journal, and stay tuned next month's pages on the first Monday of November.

Until next time...



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Oct 08, 2021

I love the "stay spooky." Nicely done! 👻

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