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October Bullet Journal Spread!

Happy October and Happy Fall! Its the first Monday in October so you know what that means...


This month's pages are a but chaotic because I tried a completely new style of both month introduction and weekly set up. First up is the welcome and month-long view page. I used a black Pilot G-2 05 pen and a ruler to outline the calendar and write all the small symbols on the page. Then for the title "Month at a Glance" as well as "October Goals" I used a combination of that black pen and a black felt tip marker.

Then the next two page are the sleep log and the second half of the week, and the beginning of the weekly spread for October. This sleep log was designed similarly to last month's with the intent to color in the hours I sleep with an orange felt tip marker. I used an orange colored pencil, a black Pilot pen and a grey felt tip marker on the sleep log page. For the weekly spread I broke the page up into three columns of three squares and one rectangle. Then to create a kind of asymmetrical look on the page I changed the placement of the rectangle in each column. I used colored pencils, a black Pilot pen and that same grey felt tip marker to highlight the week in the small October calendar.

In order to showcase the way I changed the weekly layout when it was a full double page spread I included an additional picture below. Because I had so much extra space after assigning two squares for every day of the week as well as a small October calendar, I decided to add in quote blocks as well as Washi tape blocks to add splashes of color. The quote on the left page here is one of my favorites from Pinterest: "Stop complaining, being an adult is easy- pay your bills, don't smoke meth, keep a few close friends, wear your deodorant and tip your bartender."

As always, these pictures will be added to the gallery on the Bullet Journal page on my website so be sure to visit there for more bullet journal inspiration. Have a stellar week!



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