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March Bullet Journal Spread Release

Happy Monday! Here is the March Spread!

March is my birthday month so I wanted to include a celebratory element into this month's design. I tend to switch up the layouts and even the order of pages that I repeat from month to month. For instance, I decided to start this month with a sleep log and not include a formal "Welcome" page but instead, jump right to the March overview. Playing around with the design of my journal's pages is something I really love about bullet journaling. If I don't like the way I set up a page, I can just change it for next month, or if I a design turns out well, I can repeat it.

The weekly spread for March is one of my favorite layouts I've done in this journal. I actually found the inspiration for the weekly spread before I has drawn out the monthly overview. So I actually used this pattern to influence the above section. I often create pages out of order. If I do so, I just have to make sure that I leave enough space for the pages that will go before. I take a pencil and write the page's title at the top left. This is especially important for someone like me who creates pages in small intervals, often with long spells of not journaling so that keeps me from getting pages mixed up.

If you like what you see, check out the Bullet Journal Page on my site to see more page examples.

Have a great week!



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