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July Bullet Journal Pages

Happy belated 4th of July! I hope you all had a happy and healthy celebration with loved ones close by! As promised, here are my journal pages for the moth of July...

First up, the Welcome and overview page. This month I was feeling inspired by the sweetness of honey and the buzzing of bees, both which I associate with hot July summer days. The calendar here is pretty basic but I added some color and texture with the honeycomb accents in the corners of the page. I only used black and yellow dual tipped Shutter Art markers for this page. And then went back with a black pilot g-2 pen to add the bees and their paths.

Next up is the sleep log and mood board! I kept the sleep log pretty simple and just overlaid the page title over the month and added a little bee again to carry my theme through. The mood board title is similar to the sleep log to have some continuity across these pages but then I decided to be a little fancier with the mood board and make it a honey comb with different shades of yellow and orange to represent my moods. On these pages I used Shutter Art dual tipped brush markers in different shades of yellow and orange and black. Then I used a black pilot g-2 pen for the sleep log numbers.

Finally we have the weekly spread. I really liked how I set up last months weekly spread to fit a whole week on a single page so I carried that over to this month as well. Again adding the honey comb accents on the corners of the pages and adding little bees throughout the spread. I used Shutter Art dual tipped brush markers in black and yellow to achieve this look. Then went back with the Pilot g-2 black pen to add the bees and their paths.

I hope you enjoyed my July pages! If you like what you see, theres much more in the galleries on my website under Bullet Journal. And you can always comment, like and subscribe down below or on my home page by clicking the log in button on the top right. Have a happy July! Till next time...



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