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March Bullet Journal Pages!

Happy March 1st everyone! As promised, here are my bullet journal pages for the month of march.

These pages are certainly a cultivation of all the years of bullet journaling I have done because I took a risk and decided to finally begin incorporating aspects of collage in my journal. I have always loved the art of collaging, creating mood boards or using the technique as a way of inspiration for a project. Some of my previous journals have included pages of collage towards the back of the journal as a way to blow off creative steam. I've seen other journals do this in the dorm of thought dump pages or pages specifically left blank for doodling. But, I am forever tearing out words, pictures, letters and patters in magazines, old books, newspapers or journals and adding them to my constantly growing pile of collage paper, and those pages were a way of rehoming and giving new purpose to that pile of seemingly random papers.

I had always been hesitant about using collage elements in my designs for my calendar spreads in my journal. I think it had to do with the way i was using my bullet journal. Originally, I needed my journal to be my way of staying organized. I was a college student with a heavy work load and a busy extra curricular schedule and needed a single place where I could write all of that down, voilá, bullet journal. A space that could be personalized and tailored to exactly what I needed. Because my journal was an escape from the chaos and a haven for organization and order, collage always seemed like something that would clutter up my pages and make it more difficult to focus on the important tasks and to-dos that were being housed there.

Now, I am graduated and in the middle of a pandemic, and as such, I have a lot less going on. Therefor, I have more physical bullet journal space to fill, so collage!

SO, without further ado, Madison's March bullet journal pages:

First up: the welcome March and monthly overview pages! While I did venture a bit out of my comfort zone this month by incorporating college elements, I certainly didn't go overboard, keeping the color pallet limited to neutrals. I was inspired by a vintage letter aesthetic this month and so I also included some mail-like rubber stamp accents which complement the brown paper nicely.

I used brown card stock paper, as well as the two black pens you see to the right of the photo: a fine tipped Uni-ball vision pen, and a .05 Pilot G-2 pen, both black. The middle pen is a white Gelly Roll 08 pen. All three, as well as the rubber stamp set can be found on Amazon.

Next are the sleep log and mood trackers for March. Here is where the letter inspiration really took hold. I crafted an envelope from brown card stock and then decorated it with two pieces of washi tape from the same vintage mail roll, and the finished it off with a vintage "Do not use this envelope or wrapper again" rubber stamp. That stamp was bought at a local vintage home goods seller called Life's Patina. I have linked their website here so feel free to check them out, I am often inspired by Meg Veno and her team at the barn. On the mood tracker side, I created an envelope from the front to double as the title for the page. Then I used a rectangular scrap of paper as a template for the envelops which represent the 31 days of the month, and as always included a key. To add in a pop of color to these pages, I decided to use shades of blue as the colors for the mood board. The markers in the photo are Shuttle Art dual tipped brush markers.

Finally, we have the weekly spread for this month. I wanted to include a picture of all of the pages rather than just a single sample because they each vary slightly. I really liked the way I set up February's weekly spread including a corresponding habit tracker, so I duplicated that pattern here but with a March twist to continue to incorporate the brown card stock. I used that previously mentioned white Gelly Roll pen on the brown paper to add more contrast while still staying within that neutral pallet. For each page, the placement of the brown paper accents varies slightly as well as the vintage stamp pattern washi tape at the bottom of each notes section. The final thing to mention about these pages is that I decided to cut off the last week of the month at Wednesday and only gave that week a half page so that I could keep March pages separate from April's.

Thanks for taking a moment to read though this post! As always, if you like what you see, you can become a member of my blog by creating an account on my website's home page. When you do, you'll receive an email ever time I post a new blog so that you never miss one!

If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them below this post or message me directly under the contact section on my home page.

Have a fantastic rest of your week! 'Till next time.



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