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February Bullet Journal Pages

Happy February! We have officially made it through one month of 2021! I hope that your year has gone well so far, and that February means that the year only gets better! As promised, the first Monday of every month will bring you that month's pages from my personal bullet journal. So, without further ado, here is February:

This month, much like last, I decided to include a welcome page, a month at a glance, a mood tracker, and a sleep tracker as the first two pages, respectively. February is the month of love since we celebrate Valentine's Day and so I decided to let the holiday influence much of the design for this month's pages. I used a Pilot G2 pen as well as several colors of the Shuttle Art dual tipped marker, both types are pictured below.

Next, are the Mood and Sleep tracker pages. You'll notice that in the previous pages as well as these two, everything on the page is framed by a one square boarder. I wanted these pages to feel almost scrapbook-like: separated, bold, and pronounced. Each element gets its own space to shine. I also carried the same 'font' over the two page titles to give uniformity. on this page I used a Pilot G2 pen as well as six different colors of the Shuttle Art dual tipped marker, both are pictured below.

Finally, we have the weekly spread for the month. I used the same spread across all four weeks of this month so there is only one week pictured. I carried the framing idea into the weekly spread but decided to keep the pinks and reds of the markers, out. Weekly spreads can get chaotic simply by adding tasks and events and by keeping it in black and white, I find that my pages feel more organized and easier to read. I also decided to add in a new feature to my weekly spreads- a habit tracker. In keeping with some of my resolutions for the new year, I have begun to track what days I meet some of those resolutions, like writing and reading daily, working out, not drinking soda and better oral hygiene. I only used a Pilot G-2 black pen for the weekly spreads.

So, there you have it! That's what February looks like! If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my blog by creating an account on my website, and then you'll be able to like and comment as well as receive emails so that you never miss a post! For more ideas and inspiration, you can either browse my previous blog posts about bullet journals, or take a look at my bullet journal page in my website which has several photo galleries of my previous journals.

Until next month, stay healthy, stay creative!



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