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December Bullet Journal Pages

Here we are, the final month of 2020! I hope that people are getting into the holiday spirit and in me doing so, I wanted to share my winter themed Bullet Journal pages!

The December pages barrow from a few different past page layouts, but are made unique by a wintery spin. The October and November welcome page and sleep log are very similar to this month's, including the option to box or highlight your sleeping hours. On this page I used both an icy blue and darker blue colored dual tip marker as well as well as a black pilot pen to write in the events on the right side of the left page.

For the weekly spread, I again used the icy blue dual tipped marker! The brush side was used to make the large "December" and to outline the boxes for each day, while the fine tipped side was used to add days of the week and the date.

Additionally, for my Christmas-celebrating followers, I have included a few extra pages that I like to use to help me countdown as well as organize my gift-giving and my own wish list! The second gift page could easily be tailored to any winter holiday, as desired! On the following pages I used a combination of different colored dual tipped, fine and brush markers. I also used a straight edge to help with my lines for the tree and gift boxes!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

If you enjoyed this years pages, then you will be excited to hear that I will be continuing this Bullet Journal series as I begin a new Journal for 2021, so stay tuned!



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