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November Bullet Journal Spread!

Its the first Monday of the month and that means its time for the second to last bullet journal spread release of 2020! Here are the pages for November:

I started off this month with a combination welcome, monthly view, and sleep log, similar to what I did with October. For the sleep log, I will keep track of the number of hours I sleep by highlighting the time I fell asleep to the time i woke up for the day on the appropriate day in the chart. On these two pages I used different colored dual brush and fine tipped markers as well as a black Pilot pen.

So I ended up really liking how I had set up the weekly spread for October and so I wanted to cary over what I had learned from setting up last month and incorporate that into this month! I decided to be a bit festively colorful and use oranges reds and yellows mixed in with more earthy browns to capture the feel of the changing leaves. I laid out each of the weeks slightly differently so I wanted to include a picture of each of them in this post! On these pages, much like the last two, I used different colored dual brush and fine tipped markers as well as my usual black Pilot pen.

As always if you're looking for more inspiration feel free to check out my bullet journal page on my website to browse the full galleries of previously released pages.

Have a great rest of your week!



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