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May Bullet Journal Spread Release

Happy Monday! Here are my bullet journal pages for the month of May!

Clearly, I designed these pages before I knew that I would not actually be graduating in May...

This month was supposed to be a busy one, before the pandemic. So May was designed with a larger sized calendar. It's smaller than the one I created for April, but bigger than what I created for March. This is a nice size because I was able to put the month's welcome above the calendar and still fit my sleep log on the page beside it. I used three different colored brush tipped markers for this design as well as my trusty black ball point pen.

Similar to my March pages, May's weekly layout design came before the month overview pages above. I used the same three brushes to pull the colors together. I liked this weekly design because it gives me plenty of room to write out daily checklists, assignments, dude date etc. Although, as I mentioned, this design was created before the pandemic and as such I ended up not needing this much space.

Bonus Pages!

I also wanted to include these additional pages in this post! I was the Patron Services Supervisor for my school's theatre department and part of my job was making sure that everyone in Box Office, Publicity, Front of House, and the graphic designer for the posters and programs had the tools they needed to have their work ready for any given production. Below is a creative way I decided to layout my check list for two different productions. My staff would change slightly from show to show so, having all of the people on my staff, their positions, responsibilities, and due dates all in one place like this helped me keep everything straight. This was especially helpful for these two shows because they overlapped so I had a lot of similar deadlines happening simultaneously that I needed to keep track of. I also included these pages because I wanted to show the ways in which a bullet journal can be used other than just as a calendar. Anyone with a job that has deadlines can create pages similar to these and keep both yourself and your team on track!

Have a great rest of your week! And as always, Check out my Bullet Journal Page for more inspiration and content!



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