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May Bullet Journal Pages!

Hooray, hooray it's the first Monday of May! That means bullet journal inspiration for the month!


May always reminds me bright sunshine and springtime flowers and sunflowers are the perfect combination of those two. So, for this month I used yellows and oranges to bring pops of color to my journal pages.

First up we have the welcome page and the monthly overview. I used two different yellow colored Shuttle Art brush tipped markers and then layered on a black Pilot G-2 .5mm pen for the sunflowers. I used that same pen for the fine lettering of the days of the week and the numbers in the calendar. For the thicker outline of the welcome may page and the thicker lettering on the following page, I used a black Derwent Academy dual tipped brush marker. The marker Derwent Academy marker set can be found at Barnes and Noble.


Next up are the sleep log and mood board for May! I had so much fun creating the design for these tracking pages! The big sunflower layered over by the page title turned out great and the tiny sunflower doodles for each day of the month for the mood tracker was a cute little stress releasing activity for me. I used the same combination of markers on these pages as I did above.


Finally we have the weekly spreads for this month. This is where I reincorporated the other yellow and the oranges of the mood board into this month's design. Each week uses a different shade to highlight the day of the week and box out a space for writing tasks, to dos, reminders, etc. I added another pop of yellow with a piece of washi tape. This color is from the Van Gogh collection which can be found on Amazon. I used the same combination of thin Pilot pen and thicker black marker on the rest of the page.

As always, if you want to see more bullet journal inspiration, check out my previous blog posts or the bullet journal tab on my website to browse my previous journal's photo galleries! If you like what you see, you can subscribe to my blog by creating a member account on my website so that you never miss a post! Until next time!



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