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April Bullet Journal Spread Release

Happy Monday everyone! Here is my April bullet journal spread! PS There are BONUS PAGES this week! Enjoy!

I started off the month of April with a little page break and filler. April Started on a Thursday and since I usually divide the week up with Monday-Wednesday on the left page and Thursday-Friday on the right, it was the perfect opportunity to stop March's theme with a half page and start April's with the other half. The April Showers art is a place holder so that I could further separate March form April.

I followed the April quote with a full size, double page, monthly calendar. I had put this month together before the pandemic hit, so I was expecting April to be a busy month at school with two productions, one of which I was to direct. As such, I wanted to give myself ample room to see my class deadlines next to my theatre dates. Though as you can see I did not end up using the space as much as I thought I would need to. Oh well...

I was then able to use the following two pages for my April sleep log and the rest of the week which started in March. I decided to keep it simple this month and use a combination of a purple brush tip marker and ballpoint pen to create this spread's look. The overlay of the days of the week in cursive make a strong contrast to the bold day numbers, dressing up the spread's otherwise simple look.

Bonus Pages!

As a special treat this week I have added these two bonus pages to this week's release. When I made the pages for April, we were headed into the beginning stages of quarantine. Nick and I were looking for positive ways of staying connected at a distance. We decided to come up with a quarantine list of Netflix shows and moves that we could watch together using the Netflix Party add on. Netflix party lets you and a group of people watch Netflix together and adds a space for chatting on the side via an instant messaging platform. When creating a "party" if you click the "only I have control" feature and then send the party's 'invite' to your 'guests', your video is guaranteed to stay in the same time as everyone else's. No one person will get ahead or fall behind because only one person, the party's creator has control of the video. It took a bit of getting used to, but Netflix Party ended up becoming a big part of the way Nick and I stayed connected during the first few months of quarantine. We even still use it now when we are not able to be in the same house and are in need of a movie night! :)

Have a great rest of your week!



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